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fine art photography break dance abstract
Federal Association of Visual Artists (BBK) Germany
Since 2009: lives and works at introduced projects in Munich. Germany 



Born in Berlin, Western Germany in 1954

Final examination at the College of Art and Design Cologne, Germany after studies of Painting and Ceramic Sculpture 1971-77

I love to explore and reveal the Art in Human Motion captured by my camera's eye.


Start was in 2009 exercising long exposure photography using my SLR camera at Oktober Fest which drove me into the "Luna Parcour" series. Subsequently the horizon has been expanded by themes of "Ballet", "Acrobatics" and "BreakDance" performances ongoing. The result is a large collection of abstract photographic scenes that seem to come from another world.

A selection of my work can be seen in this web presentation.


Techniques applied are long exposure, digital merging and color reversal, some corrections in sharpness and exposure.

Recently added photographic project:

Close -ups of Colors and Surfaces in nearby surroundings.

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